Helping the Flood Victims by Sending SMS

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in joint effort with the telecommunications industry has begun to "1234" SMS service to counterpart the government efforts in relief and rehabilitation efforts for those affected by the floods across the country.

The short code 1234 has been activated from all platforms of mobile cellular operators. SMS can be sent in 1234 to write "Fund", will be charged Rs 10 / - excluding tax to help fund flood relief PM 2010 for flood affected people.

The amount collected by "1234" SMS groups to fund flood relief PM 2010 for a exclusive account has been created in NBP (A / C No. 898 989).People are appeal by the PTA to send a maximum number of SMS to help their affected  countrymen in this hour of need. So, we should try sending more SMS so that our contribution helps the flood victims.

PTA should also take step with telecom industry to facilitate the people with mobile money to buy and sell their products .Businesses and common man needs easier solution for payment and if Govt takes some steps to promote this kind of payment then business will be flourish which also helps in country progress.
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21 comments deals of mouthwatering food in Islamabad

Fast food restaurant is a precise type of restaurant which can be distinguished both by its fast food cuisine and by nominal table service. In Pakistan the business of fast food restaurant is rapidly increasing and within the short period of span a huge number of fast food restaurants were opened in all big cities of Pakistan. Fast food is famous as it is served in short time and children love to have the burgers, French fries, cold drinks, pizzas etc. In Islamabad large numbers of outlets of fast food restaurants are opened throughout the city. These restaurants are getting more and more popular among the people and mostly families like to go to these fast food restaurants. 

With so many fast food restaurants in business, it is difficult to know which offers the best in provisions of price and healthy food choices. is always having plans to help out those people who are looking out for some fun and entertainment. team is making all efforts to bring variety of deals at one place. Along with these fast food restaurants a large number of bakeries and cafes were also established in Islamabad.

As, today fast food is getting more popular and so keeping this in mind the had decided to bring deals for some fast food restaurants in Islamabad. A vast number of fast food restaurants, bakeries, cafes are located in Islamabad like papasallis Islamabad, KFC Islamabad, Italian pizza Islamabad, clique café islamabad, cafe 1969 islamabad, rahat bakers in Islamabad and nanas kitchen Islamabad. Among these Pappasallis is oldest and the most popular Italian restaurant in Islamabad. KFC is renowned worldwide and many of Islamabad’s young and families drop by for snacks, dinners and even order meals there. Clique Café Islamabad is one of the best Russian cuisine providers in the city. Café 1969 is one of the Cafes Terraces which is located at an Old Traditional House in Shakarparian, opposite to Lok Virsa. At Nanas Kitchen you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner, Burgers, Italian items, Cupcakes, Cakes, Sandwiches, coffee, drinks,  and steaks from its Steakhouses.

Groupin has impressed its customers with the serving of many exciting deals in Islamabad. is a unique online marketing concept in Pakistan through which it has benefitted many customers and the merchants. If you are looking to get benefit of the deals what are you looking for, just subscribe to and you will be given information regarding the deals via sms and email.  The main aim of the is the customer satisfaction, so suggest a deal of your choice and sooner or later it will be available at

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0 comments a new way of online shopping in Islamabad is getting popular day by day with its amazing deals and people are getting more interested for the upcoming deals of groupin. They started off well and introduced an amazing deal of sugar for Rs. 25/kg when it was quite difficult to even get sugar at Rs. 60/kg in Islamabad; 1000 of coupons were sold for sugar deal in just two days and many more wants to buy the deal. After sugar deal many more unexpected deals were launched by groupin that one even can’t think of in such high inflation. You can also have deal of your choice on by suggesting a deal. Many upcoming deals are in the queue of that will soon available at the website.

Royal Manor Islamabad is a luxury boutique hotel located in the center of the city, with an attractive scene of Margalla Hills in the background. Royal Manor is designed in such a way to provide the needs of today’s business travelers and professionals who look for luxury and economy together with personalized services, privacy and utmost security. is offering you discounted deals on room rates and other services of Royal Manor Islamabad.

Serena Maisha Spa located in the Serena Hotel, is a unique space where you can indulge yourself fully to professional therapists which are enthusiastic to your comfort. Through traditional ways and exotic treatments they give an experience that will totally relax your body, mind and spirit. But that might not be easily affordable by everyone and might not even think about it, through you can have a chance to make your wishes true and can enjoy a splendid massage, beauty treatment and much more and such a low price which you can’t even think off.  Many similar kinds of deals were earlier offered by and soon the deal for Serena Maisha Spa will be lived on groupin.

Battlefield Islamabad Paintball is a new kind of battlefield located at lake view park Islamabad. It is the first of its kind to introduce an extreme Sport in Pakistan. They introduced a new gaming concept which no one had ever experienced before in Pakistan. If you are bit worried about the amount you have to pay for its membership then don’t you have to worry about it, has a solution for it. With you will be able to enjoy your favorite adventure or sport at Battlefield Islamabad paintball.

HP Probook 4530s Laptop deal in Islamabad is one of the best deals for the people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The original price for the laptop is 53,500 PKR in any commercial are but offered you this laptop for just Rs.45, 475 with a discount of about Rs. 8,025. Similar kind of deals for laptop, mobiles and other electronic accessories are in the queue which will be soon available. To get the updates for deal just subscribe at, you will be informed about the recent deals via sms and e-mail.
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Students and online shopping in Islamabad; A bridge to success

Shopping in Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan can be a fun if you know about the right places. The beauty of the city is this that the shopping centers are centrally positioned within each sector called Markaz. Most of these shopping squares are to execute the shopping needs of the people living near to the markaz. But there are places where the number of shops is too much in number and the markaz size is also large. You can find almost every product over at these shopping squares. These large shopping squares have a wide range of shops from mobile phone franchises, meat and chicken, grocery stores, pharmacies, vegetable and fruit shops, bakeries, bookshops, food outlets, boutiques and shoe stores. 

But when someone is new in Islamabad or is living a busy life, cannot make their selection out from variety of products. Online shopping in Islamabad has proven to be very successful, as the numbers of internet users who understand the complete scenario about such shopping portals’ like, are maximum. Like other big cities of Pakistan Islamabad are also having a number of well reputed universities. These university students play very vital role in promotion of online shopping. Sometimes you start thinking that are they working for the same organization. The reason being this that, students are all the time connected to internet and they are updated with all the latest technologies being introduced. The educational institutes are having so many activities within the four walls that students are not left with much of time of physically shop. So they prefer online shopping more than other users.

Students are considered to be the bridge to success for online shopping portals’. Firstly there mind are at that level where they like to share the good thing with everyone, as having a group discussion. They spread the news firstly to their family members and then to friends and other people they know.  When talking about students comes across one’s mind is that the additional coerces like IELTS preparation classes in Islamabad, fashion designing institutes in Islamabad and many more. Such courses are very helpful to students along with their degree in which they are studing. is not only confined to stay with the additional courses but also we are waiting for students suggestions. After complete data will working on discounts on things like university library card, hostel membership, gymnasium membership fees and other related things which are just only concerned with students. Well reputed universities like Iqra University Islamabad and Bahria University Islamabad are among those universities from where started working on. appreciates the work and efforts done by the students of these universities along with the students of other universities as well. is planning to start on the universities deal according to the suggestions given to us from the students of the universities. 

For the very same students of universities in Islamabad formulated deals like Bakewell Islamabad, Levis Islamabad, TCS courier services Islamabad and Rendezvous Islamabad. All these deals were specially designed for the students who suggested to live deals of above mentioned brands so that they can save certain amount of money which they previously never manage. is making things possible and opening new horizons for Students. The student who was previously hesitant in going to the places like Levis Islamabad for shopping and Rendezvous Islamabad for dine in, now they can enjoy such luxury places with ease.
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Groupin introduced new shopping trends from Islamabad to Karachi, offering deals with huge discounts

Online trend started in Pakistan about a decade ago. Before that Pakistani people living abroad can only make a phone call to their parents and love one’s on some special occasions. The era is changed now; Internet and computer industry in Pakistan has developed a lot. Now if you are anywhere in the world and want to make some arrangement for your love one's, you can easily make it by clicking and using your credit or debit card. You just have to visit website select your product and give your complete details and have to pay by your credit card or paypal. People living abroad when move back to Pakistan mostly prefers to buy online in Pakistan. Keeping value of online shopping in mind, had started a new way to help people to fight against inflation. is basically an online shopping portal; but the good thing about it is that they offer deal with huge discounts in Pakistan on many of the top brands, hotels, restaurants, saloons, health care and many others. has introduced a new shopping trend in the history of Pakistan by giving some marvelous deals to the customers that the government had failed to get for the people. Among these deals the best deal appreciated a lot by the customers as well as the social media is of sugar for Rs. 25/kg. Groupin started from Islamabad and in few months it won the hearts of natives of Islamabad by giving some awesome deals. The hotel deals in Islamabad highly liked by the people of one of the best restaurant i.e. of cave restaurant Islamabad.  Upcoming deals in Islamabad that is looking to bring are of rahat bakers Islamabad, Ielts exam preparation, fresco sweets Islamabad and also some special deals for the month of Ramzan.

Then the next city to get some amazing deals was Lahore and they started off well there with bringing an exciting deal of petrol for Rs. 70. People are not much aware of online shopping in Lahore but after the launch of many people are getting more fascinated about online shopping in Lahore. Afterwards many amazing deals were offered at different hotels, restaurants, bakeries and many others. Which are off great discounts and are liked a lot by the people; the upcoming deals team looking to bring are Lahore Shopping Malls, Chaman ice cream Lahore, Avari hotel Lahore, fashion designing institutes in Lahore. Lahori people are much fond of eating and team keeping in mind, taste of Lahori people will bring some exciting deals on some of the famous food restaurants in Lahore at a huge discounted rate.

Now the groupin is planning to move to Karachi and brings some exciting discounted deals for the people of Karachi. aim is to get deals for the daily needs on a very low price and that all people can get equally benefit of it. will be soon in Karachi with some exciting deals on all top brands, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, electronic accessories and many other things. The recent planning of team is to get started with some exhilarating deal on Park Tower Karachi and port grand Karachi. You will also get some breathtaking deals on shopping malls in Karachi. is expanding gradually keeping the consumers idea at the top most priorities and to make customers pleased in the way they want to be. plan is to bring light to those people who wish to dine out with family or want to have some branded clothes and shoes but can’t get it due to low income. valuable plan is to bring some huge discounts deals and to make the impossible things possible for the whole nation of Pakistan. So, soon will be around whole Pakistan with some exciting discounted deals.
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Top brands of Outfits on panel is a platform which adds every day deals for people of all ages and fields. So if you desire to purchase a newest gadget, desire to pamper your associates or family with best continental cuisine, desire to get comfort in the best beauty salon, is your first choice. You can subscribe now to get every day discount deal alerts and purchase your very well liked local and labeled items for unbelievably reduced prices. If you seem that your yearned product is not on, propose a deal now to get it.

There would be no one who does not want to look good or dress up well and admired by people. No matter how much money do you have in your pocket but you would be going for the best shop in town that can offer you with the dress or an outfit of your choice.

In order to facilitate its users has intended to join hands with the extensive fashion and style industry in the various cities of Pakistan; in this regard Crossroads Islamabad and Crossroads Karachi is now on’s panel and will come soon on big discounts to the streets of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. With’s suggest a deal feature customers simply need to suggest the product of their choice which will bring it on huge discounts for them. In this connection, ChenOne is an icon which has reformed the lifestyles of people, not in a limited area but for sure in all the major cities of Pakistan. Chen One Islamabad is a brand that takes stylish living and enticing lifestyle a step onwards in Islamabad. From bijou home decor items to finely detailed bed sheets to ultra agile and classy ChenOne furniture, it has a whole wide range of interior items. Another top name in this connection is Cynosure Boutique Islamabad the brand name which has its unique class in the modern fashion industry with its bold designs and multicolored outfits, is working to bring it on board to aid the masses residing in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Known for its best denim design talent in the country, Stoneage Islamabad is a one-of-its-kind brand. It is a Fashion label renowned due to its conversant chic dresses, charismatic collection, sleek denim designs and urban jeans clothing manufacturing trends. Next name is Gul Ahmed Summer Collection for Women which has no end to color, vibrancy and boldness; they are the name of high quality lawn collection in the shops of Pakistan. The fashion symbol, Amir Adnan Islamabad and Amir Adnan Karachi is famous not only as a designer in Pakistan but is also known for his modern to classic designing’s at international market. People who are craving for some of his piece of collection, is here to make it easier for the people of Islamabad.

Now there is an intention of to bring dynamic discounts on people’s favorite clothing brands, such as Hang Ten Islamabad. Here it is offering its customer to suggest their ideas with, which item they want to be on discount. Next top brand on is Bareeze Lahore, which is the promoter of our basic traditional designs on the fabrics and has been taking them to the international markets.  If you are looking for Designing & Architecture or seeking for some good furniture for your home or office, the Designers Guild Lahore is the place of your choice. Located in Gulberg III Lahore, the Designers Guild is one of the top Furniture Dealers Retail that is well renowned all over Pakistan. Outfitters being one of the top brand clothing and accessories, offer appealing variety in summer and winter each year, has something attractive to offer for all people who admire Outfitters Islamabad collections. In this regard other top brand attractions which is working to introduce on its panel are Adidas outlet in Islamabad and Nike sport footwear Islamabad. aims to clear the hardships for all the people in Pakistani society by presenting productive discounts on all top brands. If you think that should continue with its services to bring lower rates on world-class stores in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi, then post in your suggestions and get your favorite brand items for lowest prices!
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0 comments with its dynamic discounted deals in Lahore

In Pakistan nearly seven million persons are inhabitant of Lahore and in that half of its community is a part of low earnings category, which are awfully influenced by the grave ongoing food crisis. Therefore, to get access to rudimentary essentiality Lahori persons are giving higher than essential prices.

The charges of eatables and other rudimentary necessities of life have raised so much high all over Pakistan which outcomes that the most of people in Lahore are spending most of their earnings on crucial necessities and at the end are left with little amount for other basic essentialities. This belongs to every other Pakistani but Lahore stands out famous because of well known capital center of agriculture.

In this age if financial despondency, Pakistan’s first online buying portal which is approaching ahead with its huge discounted deals for the persons of Lahore. Groupin’s buyer amicable deals will certainly attracts the public to buy online in Lahore. For the persons in Lahore who are the shopping lovers has accessed the city with marvelous proposals to have their attention. The recent offers of reduced cost of gasoline and dining out deals in Lahore have great success. When it’s the matter of online shopping in Lahore then the charm with extra ordinary discounts and appealing offers can effortlessly gain the confidence of consumer.

Lahore is a center of immense buyers, is such a portal for the persons who are looking for dynamic discounts, and when it comes to reestablishment it becomes a very significant component for the large-scale outlets like Lahore shopping malls to latch on their share from some of the successful and spectacular deals. In past the Lahore online shopping was restricted with electronics equipments like laptops, wireless, computers and designer apparels from online boutiques. Lahoris was not familiar of online buying because this offered restricted alternatives for shopping.

After brillient and truly unbelievable achievement in twin towns Rawalpindi and Islamabad, commenced its dynamic discounted deals in Lahore. has collaborated with many Lahore furniture shops to come up with huge discounted deals for its honorable customers. It’s a better opportunity for the clients to get discounts on their significant requirement through best online buying at Everyone is well recognize of Lahoris love for food; with numerous other dine out places in Lahore Café Zouk is one such bistro in Lahore which aspires to bring onboard for its users. Café Zouk offers a wide variety of food out of which Thai cuisine is most popular. In this consideration is proposing its users to suggest what they desire to have from their favorite delicious Thai cuisine and will bring it on board it for them.

Keeping Lahoris concern in dine out, presented numerous other dine out deals like, Lahore McDonald’s some mouth watering offers from its menu which encompasses The Big Mac, Chicken McCrispy, McArabia, McRoyale, Hot Shots and the Happy Meal, which is solely for children and comes with a toy to maximize their joy. Another collaboration of with top bistro was with Dominos Lahore, the menu items at Dominos Pizza have been made accessible by to nearly all pizza lovers who have become rather exhausted of high prices. Being one of the large-scale cities of Pakistan a big community loves KFC chicken meals; next fascinating deal for the citizens of Lahore was KFC Lahore. Here invited its users to suggest which serving of food item from KFC menu they desire to be on discount. Heng Chang Lahore was another title in this consider, established at a busiest place in the town enclosed by numerous other food outlets; it’s the best Chinese bistro in Lahore. Following the path of its tradition offered its menu items which were high in demand by the persons of Lahore.

It is verified that is well familiar of general public’s anxieties, and by utilizing this famous culture of online shopping in Lahore it aspires to increase the consuming power of common man. The online buying portals are beyond the territorial limitations and can have the capability to cater all the desires of its clients from any part of the world. Therefore the shoppers all over the world now move to shop online due to unlimited benefits affiliated with online shopping. This shopping form home is so much commodious for the clients that now it allows buyers to select from broad kind of options. The well renowned trend of buying online has built a connection between buyers and merchants that the merchants can be sell their goods to their clients, therefore they don’t seem hesitation in decreasing the rates of their merchandise.

Here, is a first instance of the all above described affirmative characteristics of online shopping. Customer’s total reliance on local merchants set them with an inducement to enhance their general service and merchandise quality. This results to the general affirmative economic expectation of the local community.
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